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Our Mission

All Sato Rescue (ASR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. (Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a stray mutt.) We rescue and rehome Satos, and we also strive to address the root causes of overpopulation, abuse, and neglect through initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, facilitating low-cost spay and neuter, and expanding the involvement of the judiciary and government in implementing humane solutions.

Every cent of every dollar donated goes directly into helping Satos! You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor using your credit card or paypal. You may also send a check payable to All Sato Rescue to Edilia Vazquez, President All Sato Rescue, 212 Emmanuelli Norte, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00917.

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Welcome to All Sato Rescue

Pumpkin needs our help

We received word of an injured dog on Los Tubos Beach in Manati last week. We contacted a rescuer and friend in the area who drove to the beach and found this sweet dog. We've named her Pumpkin. Unfortunately, her leg had to be amputated, but the good news is that she is stable and in good spirits, and will soon go back to a foster home to recover.

Rescued boxers Daisy and Rico

SOS For the Cotton Brothers

Victims of a backyard breeder, Cotton Ball and Cotton Puff were dumped at a vet clinic to be euthanized. But, an All Sato Rescue volunteer had something else in mind. She sCotton Broswept them away and arranged for foster care. Unfortunately, they are still a long way away from a happy ending. Cotton Puff has severe hip issues and will need $1,500 in orthopedic surgery and Cotton Ball has been gravely ill from a tick-born disease. Despite being in chronic pain, they love everyone they meet. Please help these two brothers receive the care they need to have the lives they deserve.  


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Angelito Thanks You!

Thanks to your generosity, we raised enough money to pay for Angelito's surgery! Here he is resting comfortably following the procedure to fix his leg. We are grateful for the woman who saved Angelito from abuse who is also fostering him while he recovers. Also, special thanks to each person who donated, and to Dr. Mongil for performing the surgery. Angelito is expected to make a full recovery!!!

A puppy is in need of a life-saving operation

Angelito is a special Sato in need of your help! A couple weeks ago, a friend of All Sato Rescue saw Angelito in her neighborhood Condominio Parques de Cupey. Then a few days ago she saw him again, but this time he was injured. He had been hit with a bat, or some hard object. Angelito

After an examination we learned that Angelito’s femur and knee were broken. One of the amazing veterinarians we work with, who is a skilled surgeon, is able to perform the kind of surgery needed to fix Angelito’s leg which could allow for him to have a full recovery. This type of surgery typically costs around $1,500.

Angelito is 5-6 months old. Humane Society of Puerto Rico is getting him neutered and is also sponsoring his vaccinations and his post surgery recovery. We are in a race against time because the sooner Dr. Mongil can operate the better. Can you help Angelito by chipping in a few dollars?

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