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All Sato Rescue (ASR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. (Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt.) We rescue and rehome Satos, and we also strive to address the root causes of overpopulation, abuse, and neglect through initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, facilitating low-cost spay and neuter, and expanding the involvement of the judiciary and government in implementing humane solutions.

Every cent of every dollar donated goes directly into helping Satos! You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor using your credit card or paypal. You may also send a check payable to All Sato Rescue to ALL SATOS RESCUE, PMB No. 595, P.O. Box 194000, San Juan, PR 00919-4000 (any packages please send to All Sato Rescue, PMB 3 595, 220 Domenech, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00918).

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Welcome to All Sato Rescue

The biggest transport day in All Sato Rescue history

We flew 44 rescues to partner shelters in the northeast on February 2, 2016!!! There were emotional goodbyes as we sent two dogs with especially difficult pasts to Buddy Dog Humane Society. The first is Hillary. She was rescued after we found out teens were using her as target practice at a dump in Lares. She had to have a leg amputated but despite what she's been through, she remains the sweetest little Sato. We also shared Amiguito's story with you a few months ago. Someone slashed him with a machete, which required stitches, and he was then nursed back to health. With tears of joy we said goodbye knowing that a fresh start is just around the corner!

The rescues went to Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc., Sterling Animal Shelter, Coastal Humane Society and Monmouth County SPCA.

Five more Rescue Riders on their way to the northeast

Thanks to a grant we're receiving from ASPCA and Subaru of America, Inc. The five Satos will be up for adoption at Humane Society of Greater Nashua. We got this transport grant though the "Share the Love" Event Rescue Ride Program. This grant literally means the world to each rescued Sato we will be able to fly to our shelter partners because of this grant! Thank you, ASPCA and Subaru!

Satos on the news!!!

Remember these puppies and their emaciated mom rescued last month? All are now healthy, and they flew to Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue this week. They were featured on FOX 29 in Philadelphia!

Check out this link to see them on tv!

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Keep up to date on recent rescues, happy adoption stories, and everything else keeping us busy saving lives in Puerto Rico. We just started our Instagram page so please follow us and ask your friends to do the same.

Find us under the handle all_sato_rescue.

All Sato goes to DC

In Washington, D.C. we attended the Taking Action For Animals conference hosted by The Humane Society of the United States. We had a great meeting with the legislative assistant to Puerto Rico's Resident Commissioner/U.S. Congressman, Pedro Pierluisi. We discussed many important issues, especially those pertaining to animal welfare in Puerto Rico.

2014 Rescue Reunions

We had a fantastic reunion weekend in Massachusetts!

See more Sato Reunion photos

Rescued boxers Daisy and Rico

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